ImageResizer, an anki addon to resize images


ImageResizer is a simple anki addon used to resize the image stored in the clipboard. So images that are too big or too small to be used in reviewing are not a problem any more.

Before resizing

Before resizing

After resizing

After resizing


There’s two ways of installing the addon, both require to restart anki after installation

  1. Install it from ankiweb.
  2. Put in your anki addon directory


Normally after you install this addon, Images will be automatically resized if you paste images when adding new cards, either by hitting Ctrl + V or Ctrl + Shift + V or click on the button on the toolbar.

To make it work


You can change the shortcut and the size of the image etc. from Tools --> Image Resizer

Start settings from menu

The Settings window will pop up.


Check Automatically resize the image when pasting if you want to paste the resized image when using Ctrl+V. Anki will paste the original-sized image if you uncheck it.

The Key Combination is the shortcut to paste the resized image. It’s just like Ctrl+V, the only difference is that you will always get the resized the image if you use the shortcut to paste. You can modify the shortcut by hitting the button Grab the Key combination on the right. Notice that the shortcut you specified may not work, try and find a workable one.

You can also set the width or height of the resized image. Select scale to width and keep ratio, it will resize the image according to the width you specified, and the height value here will be ignored. The same goes to scale to height and keep ratio. Notice that it will always keep the original image’s ratio, either by width or height.

Bug Report

There are two ways to report a bug or offering a suggestion.

  1. Open an issue on my github repository
  2. Leave a comment below my blog