PurgeAttributes, an Anki addon to purge unnecessary attributes


PurgeAttributes is used to purge the font-size attribute originally. But you can purge any attribute defined in something like style='font-size: 100px; color: red'.


Put PurgeAttributes.py in your anki addon directory and restart.


Put all the files under PurgeAttributes(including PurgeAttributes.py and PurgeAttribues folder which contains bs4) into your Anki add-ons folder.


It will purge the four attributes by default:

  • font-family
  • font-size
  • background-color
  • line-height

If you are running Anki with a high-resolution like me, and you didn’t strip the html when pasting like me, you may encounter something like this:

without PurgeAttributes

If you use the addon, it will remove the yellow background and remove the font-size attribute, because the font size here is small. The result is like this:

with PurgeAttributes

Now it’s not hard to see, right?


To choose which attribute you need to remove, edit the purgeAttributes.py file from menu Tools --> Add-ons --> PurgeAttributes --> Edit, and modify the variable REMOVE_ATTRIBUTES at will.