watched alien 2 today

I watched Alien 2 today, this is an excellent film, and I think it’s better than Alien 1. So I was even a little surprised when I noticed the score of Alien 2 was less than that of Alien 1 on douban and imdb. But anyway, tastes vary from people to people, and what’s more, it’s only a small gap.

There were a lot of words that I didn’t know in this movie. So I kept searching and adding those words to anki. It was getting sort of irksome afterwards. Though I omitted some, it was still a lot of words. More than 50 words were added from the film, suppose it took me about 1 minute to add a word, those words could take about 1 hour to be added. Babe, that’s a lot of time! But I knew I had also learned a lot from this film, so I was also satisfied.