I started programming and running today

I watched alien 3 today, It was not as bad as I thought. Though it cannot beat alien 2, I still consider it a good film. Somehow I got bored with adding new words to anki, which prevented me from enjoying the film in a way. But I consider it a task to add new words to anki, and I’m still finished with it, although some of them were omitted.

It was also worth mentioning that I started programming again. I mean, the lantastic project. There are still a lot to be done. To develop a great app, you have to consider a lot of things, and you can never fix all the bugs, I mean it. All I can do is to make a better app, instead of the best, because the latter never happens.

To keep me energetic, I started running tonight. It was a little late when I went out, which is almost 22:00. And I saw a car running towards me slowly, it scared me a little bit. Because it occurred to me that a girl was nearly caught by some strangers, the car in that story was also running slowly. I saw that story on zhihu, so I was a little nervous. I gradually sped up my pace and finished the jogging with only about 300 meters. I think I need to go jogging earlier in the future. Though I’m a man, I’m still nervous when I’m all alone in the middle of the night.