I still didn't go jogging today

OK, I still didn’t go jogging today, I just don’t feel like it, but I finished other tasks, reading the book, adding new words etc. Though I know jogging is good for my health, both mentally and physically, but I’m just lazy.

Today I changed the basic framework of Lantastic, I took away the database part from dsl, and create a new class Dict to include different kinds of formats, so it wouldn’t be a pain to add a new format in the future in this way.

I also played the game for a while, well, a little bit long technically, I guess it’s just much easier than programming. But playing games are totally useless to me, I need to be focused on the programming, on my app.

Now it’s 00:40, but I still want to finish the app. Though I changed the framework, it wasn’t working completely. I’m afraid it would take a lot of time to fix it tomorrow, I hope I can finish it tonight. I know the chances are not good.


Now it’s 2:16, I think I have made the new framework work. It’s time to get on bed.