my new goals and my new life

I feel pretty bad recently, and it occurred to me that what made me feel bad was not the world, it was me, myself. I have to do something to fill my brain with energy, so I add a new task today, to program for my own project for at least 3 hours, apart from other coding and stuff.

Though I program almost every day, I never set a goal for myself. This is really a problem, sometimes I’m just being lazy, which puts my project off again and again. So I decided to put an end to this bad behavior. There’s one thing that could achieve it, which is set a goal, a task, forcing myself to finish it every day.

I reduced my running distance from 4km to 2km, because I figured that 4km is too much for me. I didn’t run in a very long time, I have to do it, it’s a very efficient way to keep me being energetic.

This is my everyday task list

ID Age  Recur Due Description                             Urg 
8 2min P1D 10h run for 2km 8.6
11 24s P1D 10h review the words in anki 8.6
12 24s P1D 10h add 20 new words to anki 8.6
5 2min P1D 11h play the guitar for at least 30 minutes 8.58
6 2min P1D 11h read 5% of the book in my kindle 8.58
14 - P1D 11h program for my project 8.58

6 tasks

It would take about 20 + 15 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 180 = 305min ≈ 5 hours, A lot to be done every day, I will see if I can finish all of them.

Then I thought about another thing. Though I created a task to program for at least 3 hours every day, I should have a goal for each hour. I made a list of what I should do about the project right now. Once I finish one of them, I check it.

  1. Rename deck
  2. Delete deck
  3. Add word
  4. The click event of show answer button in review page
  5. The whole front-end of the review page
  6. Time schedule for Again, Hard, Good, Easy

There are only these goals for now, I will add a new list if I finish all of them on the above list.

What I want ultimately is the sense of felicity, from the bottom of my heart.