It's pretty hard to concentrate these days

Honestly I feel awful these days, it goes the same for yesterday. I created a task that I needed to code for at least three hours for my project every day, but while I was anxious, it was really hard to concentrate. I have no clue about my future, which makes me nervous and kind of hopeless.

I heard that you couldn’t test whether a man was strong enough or not when everything went well for him, the qualify was always shown when he was going through some tough time. I agree with it. But I’ve got to say, if everything could be fine, nobody wants to go through any tough time. Though somebody claims he/she wants it, I strongly doubt it. You said that because your life was still fine. You can never expect yourself to be depressed, hopeless and broken. If you have no hope in your life, life means nothing to you.

I hope I could go through it. I already learned a lot from the tough time, I wish I could go back to the right track.

I still finished my tasks yesterday, I have to go on and work harder. There are a lot to be done for my project, I do hope somebody could help me or work with me. It’s really hard to finish it all by myself.