The fee paid to freelancer is not refundable

About two days ago, I got a message from my phone that I was charged for ¥110.72. The money was taken directly from my debit card. At first, I thought the money was stolen using some high-end technology, but I was wrong. After having a conversation with the customer service of UnionPay, I got a keyword, freelancer.

Freelancer charged me via Paypal because to try the free trial, I had to verify my Paypal account in the freelancer website. After the free-trial period was over, it automatically charged me for £12.45 GBP to continue the current plan. I remember that the plan chosen for me at first was much more expensive, and I changed the plan to the lowest one in order to prevent any unnecessary payments as much as possible. I thought UnionPay couldn’t be used to pay in GBP, but clearly I was wrong.

I issued a ticket to freelancer to try to get a refund, but I failed. It replied that this charge was not refundable. This is really bad. But luckily, there is not too much money. If I didn’t change the plan at first, I would be charged for a fat stack! I don’t want to continue to ask my money back right now, I’m way too lazy. Maybe I will deal with it sometime in the future.