I arrived in Hangzhou yesterday

I arrived in Hangzhou yesterday, and I could feel that the amounts of dopamine released in my brain fluctuated from time to time. At first I felt really happy, I was not sure why. Then I felt sort of upset when I got off the plane and headed towards my company. Maybe it was because I had to work again in my company, which was so boring and annoying. I think some people tend to release dopamine a lot, and they may never know what depression is like.

I downloaded the movie Passenger from the Internet and watched it last night. To my suprise, although there were lots of negative comments on douban, I found the movie pretty interesting and compelling. Maybe it was due to the unbeatable charm of Jennifer Lawrence, she was so beautiful. That being said, the plot was not bad, and the film’s special effects were amazing! I really loved it. I even loved it to the extent that I couldn’t decide whether Arrival or Passenger was better, even though the former got a much higher mark on douban and IMDB.

Jennifer Lawrence on Passenger

Another thing. I decided to use Wechat as few as possible. I watched a Ted talk yesterday and the speaker said that falling into social media was really a bad thing for us. It might cause more anxiety and depression and made us even more lonely, no matter how many friends we had ONLINE. I think that is absolutely correct. I felt more lonely when I talked in social media, our brain wasn’t designed to talk like this. We have to communicate face to face, use our gestures and expressions to create a better conversation and relax ourselves. Really, few people care about what I post on moments, what is the purpose of that!