Cast away on the moon

I watched a movie these days, it’s called Cast Away on the Moon(or 金氏漂流记 , 김씨 표류기).

A man was saddled with debts of more than $20,000, and he couldn’t afford to pay it off. One day he jumped off a bridge to kill himself, but he didn’t die. He was cast away on an island across the city, although he could see the city from the island, there was no way for him to get out of it.

To the end of his rope, he decided to live on this island. He pulled a discarded sightseeing boat and took it as his home. While day dreaming in the free time, he recalled one of his favorite food, noodles, and decided to grow corn and make a bowl of noodles as his goal.

In the mean time, a girl, who seemed to be a social phobia patient, was watching him closely using her telescope. After a long time of thinking and struggling, she threw a bottle in the river, which also drifted on the island. Of course it was not only a bottle, there was a piece of paper in it, which said “Hello”. The man found this bottle and the piece of paper, then he replied to the girl “How are you?” on the beach. They kept communicating with each other in this way.

Finally the man was taken away from the island by force. The girl noticed that and struggled for a long time, then she broke out of her house and ran as fast as she can to meet this man, because it might be the last chance for her to meet him. The end of the story is a lovely one, because they met in the end.

I vividly remember a scene in the movie. The girl called a takeaway, which was three bowls of noodles to the man, but the man refused. He said making a bowl of noodles was his dream and he didn’t want to ruin it by accepting the girl’s takeaway. This was so true. While living in this world, we can be broken, we can be poor, but we cannot lose hope. Because with hope, we may still have a chance to get what we want, at least we can enjoy the process, no matter it’s achieved or not. But without hope, nothing is important any more, even if you seem to have everything in the eyes of others.

That’s all, it’s a beautiful movie and has a beautiful girl. I hope I can meet my girl someday, but I don’t know how long it will take, or whether I can meet her at all.

Ryeo-won Jeong