My Last Weekend At Cisco

Today is my last weekend at Cisco, and I’m about to leave the company at the next Friday. My next employer is Alibaba, which is more cruel and fierce than Cisco, I’m not sure if this is the right choice, maybe there is no right choice at all.

I remember that when I arrived at Hangzhou one and a half years ago, my ID card was just expired. And since Hangzhou was holding the G20 event at that time, no hotel dared to accept me. So I wandered around the street for the whole night, and what was worse, since I was carrying my baggage, I couldn’t sleep for a single minute because I was afraid my baggage could be stolen by some random guy on the street.

It was blazing hot at the time, I walked into an ATM booth and tried to sleep there because it had an air conditioner, but I was asked out after several minutes since sleeping in there was not allowed.

While I was walking on the street, I thought a lot. I thought about why I would choose Hangzhou, why this world was so terrible, why everything was falling into the wrong place. Finally the sun rose and I called my friends at Hangzhou so I could have a rest at his house for a while. I rent a house that afternoon, which I’m still living in it.

All right, besides those nonsense, it’s time for me to talk about Cisco. Cisco is a really good company, I mean, really good. I could never imagine a company so kind, it gives the best to the employees. It’s also a good thing for me to join such a company on graduation, so I could know that there are still good companies out there, that care about its employees, even in this more and more competitive society.

I chose Alibaba so I could learn cooler stuff, and it offered a higher salary package. I couldn’t find a concrete reason to decline the offer, so I joined. No matter whether I would thrive or suffer in the new company, I have to accept.

I’m about to turn 30 in the next few years, yet I’m still lonely.

Maybe I’ve said too much, while staying at the office, all alone.