live a quite life

It’s strange that quite girls seem irresistible to me. I found it about a month ago, when I met a girl during the company training. She was always working, and kept quite all the time. I found her attractive because of that. But later I found out that she was actually not quite, she would argue with others when necessary. The reason why she kept quite for the most of her time is simply because she was focusing on her work. She would do everything to accomplish her job, including keeping quite. That’s all. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Actually it couldn’t be more correct, especially when living in this world is pretty hard. But I’m not attractive to her any more, I don’t know why. Maybe that’s who I am.

I found another quite girl a few days ago. She was sitting opposite me, and she was looking at her laptop quietly. She seemed beautiful back then, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because she’s quite.

I often thought about a quite life, the best life I could imagine. A life without struggling, without fighting, and without loneliness. However, we are not designed to live in this kind of life. It’s not only because we human beings are constantly worried and trying to find something to do, but also because this kind of quite world simply does not exist. The world we are living in is so hard, so I changed my mind, I told myself that I should solve all of my problems. But it’s a pretty ambitious goal. When the night falls, when everyone returns to his/her home, I don’t know where to go. Now I understand why depressed people tend to be insomnia, it’s caused by despair. You cannot go to sleep when tomorrow also sucks.