Go to KTV alone

I went to KTV alone last weekend. On the one hand, going to KTV alone is somewhat embarrassing and uncomfortable, I want to train myself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. On the other hand, I want to check if I have a talent for singing, without being affected by others.

Well, I successfully paid in front of a waiter and a waitress. Although the price is slightly higher than what I found in Meituan, I didn’t care too much about it. I was also given two bottles of water and a bowl of popcorns for free. You can see that it’s obviously for lovers, yet I’m all alone, whatever.

Then I started singing. After about 5 minutes, I became hoarse, and singing high notes became very difficult for me. Then I realized that I was not suitable to be a singer, God doesn’t give me a good throat. The physical conditions are extremely important. I once heard that when colleges enroll music students, they usually check their physical conditions, like your voice, how high you can reach, etc. They don’t care about your skills, whether you are able to make trills, whether your breath is correct, etc. All of them can be trained, except your physical conditions. If you don’t have a good throat, you won’t be able to be a good singer, period.

Anyway, it’s just an experience. Although I’m not able to be a singer, it may not be a bad thing. I just need to know it.