I met that girl today

I met that girl tonight while I was still coughing constantly, because I was having a cold. So I didn’t do a good job talking with her. But it was not that bad, either. About that girl, she was nothing like what I thought. She was energetic and extraverted. She seemed to be the opposite of me in some ways. No wonder she said that it was not accurate when I told her I thought she was a quite girl. She did seem to be a quite girl in Wechat, but we all know that online talking is not accurate, we have to meet in person and see what others are like.

Maybe it’s a good thing that she is extraverted, the probability of her being neurotic is much lower, I think. She seems to be a good girl, although I know little about her. I’m not sure if she would accept me, I’ll see.

Another thing to point out here. I sat for almost two straight hours tonight yet didn’t feel the lower-back pain at all. The reason may be that I rarely sat or stood and took some medicine this weekend. But I do hope there’s a third reason, which is my lower-back condition is getting better. That’s probable. I hope my lower-back pain can even be cured one day so I don’t need to worry about it all the time. I don’t need to explain to others that I have a lower-back pain and I’m sorry I cannot sit for too long. I hope that day will come.