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map Ctrl-V as Ctrl-Q in vim

If you want to map Ctrl-V as Ctrl-Q, you can add the following line in your .vimrc file 1nnoremap <C-V> <C-Q> It works in gvim, but it wouldn’t work in terminal-vim. Why? I’d been confused


Something About Dnsmasq On Ubuntu 15.10

PrefaceThere are something confusing about dnsmasq on ubuntu 15.10. I would like to write them down here, in case I might forget down the road. How Dnsmasq Starts On Ubuntu 15.10You can find the answe


Configure Win7 Support For UTC

I have a virtual machine installed on ubuntu, the virtual machine contains an operation system of Win7. Win7 uses localtime, but ubuntu uses UTC, so the time they display is different. To fix this, I